3 Awesome Plants for Your Middle Tennessee Patio

3 Awesome Plants for Your Middle Tennessee Patio

The Best Plants for Your Middle Tennessee Patio
Adding some lively greenery to your patio can bring it to life in a brand new and fresh way. Not every type of plant is made for the patio, however, and finding the right one for your situation depends on other factors, such as climate and space.

There is no shortage of options for container plants. Flowering plants, vegetables, even herbs work well in the confines of a patio – it all depends on what you are looking for!

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Here are some great options that will stand up well to the Middle Tennessee heat:


Add some Zen to your outdoor living space with some fast-growing bamboo. Utilize its height to create a natural screen to create privacy for either one part of your patio, or the entire area.

People are frequently scared off by bamboo because of how quickly it grows. While it will certainly outgrow just about anything else you’ve planted in your garden, do not be afraid of this water-sipping plant. When properly planted in containers, bamboo is very orderly and easy to manage.

Bamboo grows best in areas where it receives a lot of sunlight, but don’t overwater the plant; it is a very efficient absorber of water.


When executed correctly, a vine plant can add beautiful designs to a patio.

Mandevilla is a gorgeous flowering vine that produces large trumpet blooms in pleasing colors. While its red and pink petals look delicate, don’t let it’s looks fool you; it can more than handle the Middle Tennessee heat.

You will not believe your eyes when you see how many blooms this plant can produce. Provide a sturdy trellis for your mandevilla to grow onto and make sure it gets plenty of sunlight!


If you are looking for a plant that can thrive in a shadier environment, then a begonia might be just what you are looking for.

There are too many species of begonias to list, so finding one that fits the look of your patio is very easy. They also fit most shapes of containers, so you could go with a classic look in a short and round pot or opt for a more modern approach in a tall square container.

They do very well in the shade and do very well in warm climates with regular watering.

Add a Patio!

The first step in adding colorful plants to a patio is to have a patio! If your home is lacking this versatile outdoor living space, call Eastland Construction in Mt. Juliet today!

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