3 Awesome Upgrades to Make to Your Backyard In the Fall

3 Awesome Upgrades to Make to Your Backyard In the Fall

3 Awesome Upgrades to Make to Your Backyard In the Fall
Some people consider the fall to be “backyard weather,” and for good reason. As summer wanes into autumn and the temperature and leaves start to fall, there is no more comfortable time of year to be outside. The fall in Middle Tennessee is a sight to behold, and the perfect, airy atmosphere means that you need to make sure your outdoor living space is ready to accommodate some outside activities.

Update Your Patio

If your custom home features a backyard with a patio, it may need some extra attention to get ready for the incoming cooler months of fall.

Concrete patios can be instantly upgraded with the addition of concrete pavers, which are essential concrete tiles that you lay on top of your existing concrete patio. There are endless size and style options for concrete pavers and they are very fairly priced for their durability.

While they are made of concrete, they are also very easy to replace. Instead of the costly repairs you would encounter with a concrete slab, pavers can just be swapped out with a new one or even flipped over depending on the damage.

Add a Fire Pit

One popular backyard addition that still seems to grow in popularity every year is the fire pit. Options for fire pits include permanent structures made of stone or more portable versions that are made of metal.

Not every city allows for open wood fires in backyards, so you’ll have to make sure your fire pit is in accordance with your own city’s rules and regulations. If you reside in a city that restricts open wood fires, natural gas fire pits are a great alternative that produce plenty of heat and can be turned on with the flip of a switch!

Landscaping With a Purpose

If your climate experiences a great deal of rain, you can take this time to get outside and plant a rain garden.

A well-executed rain garden will divert the flow of water away from your home and hardscaping and send it towards your landscaping and lawn where it is actually necessary. Large amounts of rain can produce harmful erosion that can seriously damage your home. Rain gardens protect from the harmful effects of erosion and can add some greenery to your backyard.

Native plants are best for rain gardens because they are familiar with the soil and will grow with very little maintenance.

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At Eastland Construction, we understand that you have the luxury of designing every aspect of your custom home, including the backyard. Make sure your backyard is ready for increased outdoor time this fall. If you are looking for your next custom home, browse our available homes or contact us today!

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