3 Kitchen Cabinet Trends Taking Over 2015

3 Kitchen Cabinet Trends Taking Over 2015

3 Kitchen Cabinet Trends Taking Over 2015

So you’ve finally got the dream kitchen in your custom home laid out and ready to be designed and now you need to pick out some kitchen cabinets. With so many options out there, why not choose custom cabinets and get the precise look you desire?

If you do choose handmade custom kitchen cabinets, like what you get with Williams Woodshop in Murfreesboro, you know that you are getting a high quality product that can fit the design of your custom kitchen. Cheaper options are not nearly as durable or versatile in design, so don’t limit your creativity and choose quality custom cabinets for your kitchen.

Here are some of the hottest trends to pay attention to when picking out cabinets for your custom home.

Shades of Gray

White has been a classic color for kitchen cabinets for decades for good reason; it is very clean and opens up the space of your kitchen. However, interior designers are starting to see more and more people opt for light shades of gray for their kitchen cabinets. Soft grays look great alongside richly stained wood features such as kitchen islands.

Fashion Meets Function

Cabinets have come a long way from their original designs. Modern kitchens are starting to feature more innovative cabinet doors with increased functionality. Cabinet doors that are specifically fitted for corners, shelves that can be raised or lowered, even vertical cabinet doors that open with the touch of a button are all ways cabinets have evolved over the years.

Think outside the box and make your kitchen cabinets unique!

Don’t Desert Your Island

Kitchen islands can be fitted with custom kitchen cabinets and provide great storage space. They can be designed to fit the particular functionality needs of your kitchen – the possibilities are endless.

Some uses people are looking to get out of their kitchen islands are:

  • Extra kitchen prep area.
  • More storage space for pots and pans.
  • Additional cooking surface with an added range.
  • Overflow dining seating for parties and holidays.

Trends to Avoid

As styles change in popularity, older trends must make room for newer ones. Here are some kitchen remodeling trends that you will less of as 2015 rolls on:

  • Brass hardware – While it has had an impressive run, brass hardware is beginning to be seen much too commonly to be still be considered a hot trend. Luckily, replacing hardware is very easy and inexpensive, so updating is not much of a hassle.
  • White cabinets – As we mentioned previously, gray cabinets are emerging as a very popular trend, meaning that white cabinets are on the way out. There are plenty of lighter shades of gray for those who are dead-set on lighter-colored kitchen cabinets.
  • Microwaves on the counter – If you are planning a custom cabinet project, do not neglect the placement of the microwave. There are plenty of ways to incorporate your microwave into the project to get it off of your counter
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