3 Outdoor Living Trends for 2015 You Shouldn’t Ignore

3 Outdoor Living Trends for 2015 You Shouldn’t Ignore

2 Outdoor Living Trends for 2015

The freedom that accompanies building a custom home allows you to truly build the house of your dreams. Your imagination can take over and all those innovative and stylish ideas that you saw at a friend’s house or in that trendy magazine are now a possibility in your own home. While it’s easy to see how this can quickly become an overwhelming task, there are certain trends when it comes to outdoor living that you could use to really take your custom home to the next level. The summer months provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities that just are not a possibility during the colder times of the year. Check out these outdoor living options that should see a rise in popularity this summer.


While decks and patios have long been a staple of outdoor living, there are ways to bring them into the future along with the rest of your custom home. Even with the warmth provided by the summer months, fire pits are becoming increasingly popular additions to decks and patios. Gas burning and wood burning fire pits can not only provide ambiance and serve as the focal point of an outdoor gathering area, but they also can serve as a source of warmth, provide a cooking surface, and even extend the season when it the nights start to get cooler.

Outdoor Showers

Summer time means regular lawn maintenance is back on the to-do list. After a day in the sweltering heat, an outdoor shower can be just what you need to rinse off while not dragging any of your yard into your home. For those without a green thumb, outdoor showers are a great way to beat the heat after a day of relaxing and laying out on your deck or patio. Outdoor showers combine supreme convenience and modern luxury to provide a versatile way to cool off no matter which outdoor activity was occupying your time. 

Outdoor Kitchens

In 2015, preparing meals outside means more than just lighting up the trusty grill. You can now add an entire outdoor kitchen to your custom home, complete with all the appliances and comforts you’ve grown to know in your indoor kitchen. With the ever-evolving advancements in weather-proofing technology, you will be surprised at how low-maintenance an outdoor kitchen can be, especially combine with all-weather outdoor furniture. Bringing the stove outside doesn’t mean the end of the grill, however. Incorporating the grill into the outdoor kitchen only adds to the versatility of the space and can open the door for more imaginative dishes.

There are some great ways to take your outdoor living to the next level. 2015 will bring with it some amazing ways to bring some indoor comforts outside to enhance your next summer gathering. Eastland Construction can help with any of your custom home or outdoor living desires. Contact us today to explore your options and learn more.

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