4 Chores for Spring: Take Care of Your Home’s Exterior

4 Chores for Spring: Take Care of Your Home's Exterior

When you think of spring cleaning, your mind might instantly go to the tasks you’ll want to take care of inside your home. While these things are important, don’t forget about what holds it all together — your home’s exterior. The warmer temperatures the spring brings are ideal for taking care of the structure of your home as well as the surrounding area before it gets too hot. Below are 4 tasks you should take care of this spring in order to keep your home in good shape. 

1. Clean Your Gutters 

Cleaning your home’s gutters is a biannual task that can be a bit daunting. Even so, it’s important that you take care of this to ensure that your home’s roof is draining properly. If your gutters aren’t clean, you’ll be at risk for a roof leak which will cost you more in the long run than properly cleaning your gutters. 

2. Look at Your Roof

While we’re on the topic of your home’s roof and what you should be doing to ensure it has a long life, give it an inspection. With a pair of binoculars, look for any signs of damage, which include but are not limited to, missing or curled shingles, rusted elements, cracks, and anything else that doesn’t look right. If you’re unsure about something, hire a professional who will be able to tell you more about the condition your roof is in and fix any problems. 

3. Touch-up Its Paint 

Give your home a nice power wash and then look at its exterior for places that could use more paint. Prepare areas that need paint by getting rid of chips and old peeling coats before doing a touch-up. This is a spring task that shouldn’t be ignored, as exposed wood is susceptible to rotting.  

4. Take Care of Your Yard

If there are overgrown trees or shrubs, trim them to give your home’s yard a more manicured look. This should also be done to keep plants from growing too close to your home, as they transfer over moisture and provide easy access to your home for unwanted pests. Early spring is also a good time to reseed your lawn, put down mulch, and start planting your garden.  

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