5 Fantastic Natural Stone Countertops for Custom Homes

5 Fantastic Natural Stone Countertops for Custom Homes

5 Fantastic Natural Stone Countertops for Custom Homes

Stone countertops have always been a great choice for custom homes. They are durable, heat resistant, and come in many variations that can fit virtually any home décor.

There are two main distinctions of stone countertops: natural stone and engineered stone. There is simply no matching the timeless beauty of natural stone – which is highly valued by many custom home owners. There’s something about having an unaltered, naturally occurring material from the earth incorporated in your home that just can’t be replicated with engineered stone.

Once you’ve decided to go with natural stone countertops you then face the really tough choice: deciding which material is right for your home.

Here are the 5 most popular materials for natural stone countertops:


One of the most heat resistant options out there, slate will hold up tremendously to hot pots and pans straight off the oven. Slate also won’t chip or crack easily, so accidental drops won’t ruin your day.

Perhaps the best quality of slate, however, is that is non-porous and will not soak up any liquid from spills or cleaners.

Slate comes in a variety of darker shades including brown, black, and gray. It is also the most affordable option for natural stone countertops.


One of the most recognizable countertop materials on the market, marble boasts a classic look that will never go out of style. While the immense beauty of marble is somewhat offset by its fragile and expensive nature, it has been (and will remain) the standard of luxury for many years.

Marble is susceptible to cracks, stains, and etching. It can also run for about $200 per square foot. However, it’s softer makeup allows for it to be easier to cut into smaller or custom shapes.

If you value beauty over anything else, marble is the choice for you.


Quartzite is emerging a popular choice for those who appreciate the beauty of marble but also value durability. While it somewhat mimics the look of marble, quartzite holds up much better to stains and cracks.

It is important to note that quartzite is not “quartz” which is usually made with sheets and resin. Quartzite is a naturally occurring stone that combines the beauty of marble with the lasting durability of granite.


Completely stain resistant and non-porous, soapstone has been the go-to choice for science labs for years. Soapstone is also not as durable as slate or granite but is not quite as soft as marble. Slight scratches and cracks can be rendered virtually invisible with the aid of mineral oil or sandpaper.

Soapstone is usually found in darker shades of gray with slight hints of blue and green.


A sedimentary stone (it is formed by the accumulation of various sediments), limestone must be treated to be fully non-porous. However, once it is properly sealed it can add unmatched beauty to your kitchen that will have everyone talking.

The soft oranges and subtle darker veins of limestone can be a welcomed change of pace from the usual darker shades associated with natural stone.

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