5 Things to Consider When Choosing to Custom-Build

Building the home of your dreams doesn’t happen without thought or planning. While it’s supposed to be a fun time watching your dream home materialize, it can end up being a nightmare if you aren’t prepared for it. Here are several things to consider before and during building your custom home.

Don’t Forget to Budget

Building a home isn’t necessarily more expensive than buying one, but you can easily make it more expensive without laying down a budget first. The more you add to your home, the more the total cost will build up. Create a budget and follow it to the end. Otherwise, you will either run out of funds and be unable to finish the home or end up paying way more than you ever would have agreed to. Also keep in mind that lenders consider building a home to be risky, and you’ll need good credit to borrow money. Make sure you can get the loans you need and can afford the rest.

Have a Plan

Having a plan goes along with both your budget and your home’s design. First, you have to plan out everything you’re going to want in a home, establish the cost, and decide if it will work for your land. Your home and land both need to work together, otherwise, one of them will have to change. Planning can save you both time and money if you know what you want from the beginning.

A Few Things to Consider in Your Plan:

  • Direction of the sun to your windows
  • Purpose of every room
  • How much space you will need for each room

Landscaping Makes a Difference

A lot of people forget about landscaping their new house. Considering how much landscaping can impact your home’s overall appearance, don’t forget to think about what you want it to look like.

Will Your Home Sell?

Even though right now you can’t imagine ever wanting to leave a home that was built specifically with you in mind, life happens. You need to relocate for a new job, you end up getting tired of your home, or you need to move closer to a family member. Even though you like your home, will anyone else like it enough to buy it? Is it in a good enough location to tempt others to want to live there?

Building Takes Time

Building a home doesn’t happen in just a few weeks. Expect plenty of time for your house to be built and know that good things take some time to happen.

Choose an Experienced Home Builder

Eastland Construction has been building homes for over 20 years in the Middle Tennessee region. We are a family-owned business committed to the local community and your satisfaction. Let us provide you with the best service and materials for your custom home.

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