5 Tips to Get Acquainted with Your New Neighborhood

When you buy a custom home from Eastland Construction, you get to choose from a number of nice neighborhoods in Middle Tennessee. One aspect of moving that can cause anxiety for some people is entering a new neighborhood and having to be welcomed again. For most people who have lived in a neighborhood for a while, they are friends with the next door neighbors, have kids who are friends with the neighbor’s kids, and gossip or enjoy outdoor activities together. But with moving, all that changes. You have to push yourself into existing clicks of longtime neighborhood friends. While that might be a challenge, it isn’t impossible. Using these 5 tips, you can easily get acquainted with your new neighborhood and make new friends.

Greet Your Neighbors

You’ve probably heard that to make a friend, you first have to show yourself friendly. So smile when you see them. And since you’re in the South, wave. If at all possible, try to be the first to say hello. Introduce yourself and your family to at least your immediate next door neighbors. Starting out, a simple smile and wave will suffice for the neighbors farther away. You can meet them later at neighborhood gatherings and parties.

Host a Party

Once you are all settled into your new home, you can start planning a party to meet your neighbors. If you’ve chosen to move into an Eastland custom home, your neighbors will likely be dying to see the inside. Show off your new home. It’ll be a great conversation starter between you and your new neighbors. Even if you can’t throw a full-blown party, at least host a small gathering to serve as a meet and greet for you and your new neighbors.

Always Accept Invitations from Neighbors

If you happen to not be able to extend an invitation first, make sure you accept any invitation one of your neighbors offers you. Unless you can tell they are definitely not your crowd, don’t let nerves get in the way of accepting an invitation. And if you actually can’t go, offer to reschedule so they know you aren’t just blowing them off.

Get Involved in the Community

Another way to get to know your neighbors is to get involved in the community. Whether that means volunteering or just participating in community events, you can show you are a good person to get to know.

Discover Local Hotspots

Once you’ve met everyone in your neighborhood, you can begin to acquaint yourself with the locals. Especially in the Middle Tennessee area, there are plenty of go-to hangout places you should visit. Find out what’s popular in your area for Friday nights and weekend activities. You just might find some new friends out there.

Becoming part of a new neighborhood can take some work, but just give it some time and have fun with it. Be friendly and approachable. Before you know it, you’ll fit right in with the locals and find yourself with an invitation to someone else’s meet and greet party.

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