5 Types of Outbuildings for Your Custom Built Home Plan

Have you ever considered incorporating an outbuilding in your custom home plan? There are so many different types you can include along with your home’s design. Whether you’re constantly building things in a workshop, or have frequent guests who stay for extended amounts of time, an outbuilding may be the right additional design element for your custom built home.

While an outbuilding isn’t for everyone, think about your lifestyle and how one might benefit you and your family. These separate structures can serve a wide variety of purposes and be constructed to match your home.

Separate Garage

There are many benefits to including a garage in your home design, as well as constructing the garage apart from the rest of your home. Taking the traditionally attached home garage and moving it elsewhere can allow for more livable space in your home. This is also sometimes done for aesthetic purposes, if you don’t like the look of a garage but still want one to protect your vehicles.

Some additional benefits of a detached garage include:

● The fact that it can be set at a different angle from your home or behind your home.
● Adding a living space is easier to do above a garage that is detached.
● If you use your garage as a workshop, you’ll reduce noise and keep hazard risks apart from your home.
● A smaller home’s design may be overwhelmed by an attached garage. Separating the two can be a successful solution to this.

Guest House

Do you frequently have family or friends coming to visit your home? Do family members typically visit for an extended period of time? If this is the case, your custom built home plan may be perfectly suited for a matching guest house. You can enjoy the company of the ones you love without sacrificing your space when you include an outbuilding in your home plans.

Barn/Tool Shed

If you’re constantly working on shop projects or have a lot of tools for yard work, a barn or small toolshed may be the right addition for you. Whether large or small, you can design this outbuilding to complement your main residence.


If you’re someone who loves spending time outdoors, a gazebo that matches your home may be the perfect addition. A gazebo is something that can be designed in many ways to match the home you live in.


While a greenhouse won’t necessarily be a “matching” outbuilding, when getting a custom built home, you can plan your home with a greenhouse addition in mind. It’s a good idea to have the future outbuilding location in mind so it can be planned for later on.

Eastland Construction

Eastland Construction in Murfreesboro, TN, can build you a custom home and the complementary outbuilding you’ve been imagining. Outbuildings don’t have to look out of place or like last minute additions. With the proper planning, you can have a great separate space that matches your main living area and serves the purpose that’s right for your lifestyle.

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