6 Pesky Things To Check Off Months Before Move-In Day

Moving to a new home isn’t as simple or fast as most people may think. That means, don’t wait until one or two weeks prior to start preparing. Ideally, you should start as early as a couple months out so you can evenly disperse your never-ending list of moving tasks. Besides the typical burden of moving, here are a few other tasks you may not think about until it’s too late.

Connect Your Internet and Cable

Internet and TV service providers are often booked weeks in advance, so call them up at least 4-3 weeks prior to your move-in day to schedule a time for them to set up your services. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing a couple weeks without your typical technology.

Transfer Your Energy and Utilities

You don’t want to be paying the water and electric bills for the new people living in your old home. Contact your energy providers early to tell them your new address so no one is left paying someone else’s bill. Also notify companies who provide services such as gas, sewer, trash, and newspapers of the date you will be leaving your home so you don’t get charged for services you aren’t using.

Update Your Contact Info

From business, to doctors, to family members, they will all need to know the address to your new home with plenty of warning in advance so you don’t end up with a lot of lost mail. Make a list of everyone important who may be sending you mail and contact them with your updated info. And just in case not everyone remembers or updates their address book, you may want to consider leaving behind a forwarding address. Besides people, here are a few other areas you will need to update your address on:

● Car insurance and registration provider
● Electoral roll
● Bank
● Subscriptions

Pack Your First Night Bag

Pack a bag as if you were going on an overnight trip or even week-long trip, depending on how fast you plan to get settled into your new home. This bag will be a lifesaver and stress reliever to help you keep functioning in the midst of chaos.

Find Movers and Start Collecting Boxes

Depending on how much stuff you have, you may either need to enlist some friends to help you move or call around to get a quote on professional movers in the area. You’ll also want to start collecting boxes and packing up certain areas of your home that you know you won’t need access to until after you move. As you start packing, you’ll also be able to determine whether a yard sale or mass donation to charity might be in order.

Cancel Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Likely before closing on a home, you would have already had to have shown proof of purchase for the first year of insurance. To be sure you don’t have any duplicated bills or find yourself uninsured in a home for any period of time, make sure your agent knows the day you move out and the day you move in. Typically, you will want your new homeowner’s insurance to start covering your home the day before you move in just in case of any mishaps on day one.

While these tasks may seem like a nuisance now, you’ll be glad you did them early since failure to do so can cause a lot of hiccups in the first weeks of living in your new home. Moving is supposed to be an exciting experience. Make sure to keep it that way by preparing early.

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