9 Must-Haves for Your Custom-Built Kitchen 

When building a custom home, you want to make sure you do it right. Think of all those times you get frustrated in your current kitchen. What would make it better? Based on some of our own experiences and frustrations, here is a list of upgrades we would incorporate into a new kitchen.

Stainless Steel or Granite Countertops

Make your new kitchen last and easy to maintain by installing either stainless steel or granite countertops. Stainless steel will be nearly indestructible, which is why it is the choice material for most restaurant kitchens, and granite will withstand most typical kitchen activities. The choice will come down to which you think looks better.

Under-Counter Microwave

Microwaves are one of those things you need but hate to look at. They’re right there in your way and line of sight. Not to mention, it can be dangerous pulling hot food toward your face. The solution: put it under the counter in a drawer. But don’t stick it in any drawer. It needs to be designed specifically for a microwave.

Foot-Pedal Sinks

These are for those moments when you’ve been baking or breading chicken and don’t want a nasty sink handle. All you have to do is step on the pedal and water comes out of the sink.

Large Sink

Have you ever gone to strain your pasta noodles in the sink but had to rearrange dishes in the sink first? With a massive sink, you won’t have to do that unless you go weeks without washing dishes. It’ll also help when washing larger pots and griddles.

Dishwasher Drawer

Not all dishwashers look bad, but a cabinet drawer can look better. Hide your dishwasher in a pull-out drawer in your cabinets and never have to look at the washer again.

Stovetop Island

Extra stove space. Because the typical four burners aren’t enough, especially when planning a full dinner.

Double Ovens

This is most women’s dream for the kitchen. Two ovens that allow you to cook more than one thing at once. That means you don’t have to wait to put dessert in after dinner comes out. And you can cook a turkey and potatoes at the same time. Double ovens save you time and energy.

Corner Storage

Most kitchen corners end up being where the broom leans or clutter builds up. Rather than let that space go to waste or look bad with clutter, extend your cabinets to the corner for extra storage.

Warming Drawer

It happens all the time. You slave over dinner and put the final dish on the table, and all the sides are cold. A warming drawer lets you cook without worrying about keeping everything hot.

Of course, there are plenty other upgrades you could include in your kitchen. After all, it’s all yours. You can make it into whatever you want to suit your needs and end up with a kitchen that will only please and never frustrate.

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