The Best Tips for Organizing a Cluttered Bathroom

The Best Tips for Organizing a Cluttered Bathroom

Bathrooms are an important and essential part of any household. You have to spend time in them every single day. Unfortunately, they’re often cramped spaces, not offering a lot of room for storage. Because of this, they can be one of the worst rooms in a home to keep in check when it comes to organization. Although working with the limited space can be difficult, there are a few things you can do to keep your bathroom clean and organized. 

Reclaim the Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets often hold medications that are used but a few times a year. When was the last time you checked what’s in yours? Most likely there are a few things that have expired or no longer serve a purpose. Get rid of these old medicines and reclaim the purpose of this misused cabinet.   

Medicine cabinets are a great place to store the items you use daily, such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, daily medications, lotions, etc. Take your old medicine and the things you barely use out of the cabinet and store them in another place until you need them. By filling your medicine cabinet with the things you use on a daily basis, you’ll be freeing up space on your bathroom counter.   

Determine What’s Worth Keeping 

Bathrooms tend to be cluttered because we try out a number of beauty products and don’t always commit to finishing them. Now multiply these piled up beauty products by the number of people who use the bathroom in question as their primary place for getting ready. Things could get cluttered fast. 

Take the time to go through your personal care products and makeup and determine which products you still use versus those that are taking up valuable space. Get rid of any products that are past their prime and donate the ones you no longer use that are still good. 

Make the Most of the Space You’ve Got

In a bathroom that’s small, you might have to get creative with the ways in which you store items to maximize space. Do you have space above your toilet or a corner of the room that’s going unused? Don’t forget about the back of the bathroom door and how you’re using the space under the sink, as well. 

A Custom Home Can Cure Your Bathroom Qualms 

With a bathroom designed with all your needs in mind, storage doesn’t have to be an issue. If you choose a custom built home from Eastland Construction, you’ll no longer have to struggle with organizing a bathroom that’s too small. With built-in storage, customizable square footage and more, what’s not to love about a custom built home and bathroom? 

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