Change Up A Space Inexpensively: Rearrange The Furniture

Change Up a Space Inexpensively: Rearrange the Furniture

Improve the look of a room without spending a penny.

Furniture arrangement can oftentimes be key when it comes to making a place feel comfortable. There are many ways to put your furniture together in a space. Although there’s technically no wrong way to do it, there are certain rules to follow when trying to improve the flow of a room. No matter the type of furniture or amount of space, there’s most likely a winning layout you’re on a mission to discover.

Measure The Area

Before you begin to fill a room with things, take the time to measure the space and become familiar with its shape. Most rooms aren’t perfectly square; some rooms have unusual corners and places where the walls jut inward or outward. While this might be a nuisance for some, many see this challenge as a form of creative opportunity when setting up or rearranging their furniture. Perhaps when they first placed things within the space, they didn’t take the room’s idiosyncrasies into consideration. Now’s the time to make the most of the unusual.  

You can measure with either a yardstick or tape measure, but another good way of going about acquiring the rough dimensions of your space is to measure your feet and then walk heel to toe around the room.

Take Furniture Size Into Consideration

Create visual interest by filling a room with furniture of various sizes. A room won’t be as exciting if every major piece is approximately the same dimension. A room can be cohesive with various shapes and sizes of furniture, which makes things more fun.

Choose A Place To Focus

When changing around the look of a room, do so with intent. Pick a focal point and be sure to arrange around it, if you didn’t have one already. You’ll be sure to see an improvement after choosing a place for the eye to focus on upon entering the room. 

Make It Easily Navigable

When moving furniture, make sure that it will be easy for people to walk around and interact with the newly arranged space. Will they feel comfortable with the path provided, or does it seem illogical? Are seating areas created so that people are at a good conversational distance? Keep all of these things in mind. In some cases, removing a piece of furniture can reinvent a room. If something isn’t useful, you may want to consider getting rid of it to open things up.

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