Creating a Floor Plan for Your Custom Home

Creating a Floor Plan for Your Custom Home

Have you always dreamed of creating a custom home? You’ve probably thought about what rooms you’d like to include in the home, but have you considered how they’ll be laid out? It’s easy to pick the rooms you want, but creating a floorplan is a very mathematical process. And even once a floorplan is created, it can be difficult to visualize. Will you like your home once it’s constructed from the ground up? Below are just a few things to consider when creating a floor plan for your custom home. 


Bedrooms are an extremely important part of any home. You’ll want enough of them to accommodate for your current and/or growing family and you’ll want to think about many factors in relation to these rooms. First: do you want bathrooms in each of the bedrooms? Second: will all of your bedroom’s dimensions be approximately the same, for equality’s sake. And third: will you want bedrooms to be upstairs, downstairs, or have a combination of the two in your home?

Number of Floors  

While we’re on the topic, how many levels do you see your home having? Do you want a single-level home or will a multi-level one suit your needs better? Another thing to consider is how many levels you’ll want your home to be, and how many of these levels will actually be used for living. You can have a furnished basement or one for storage only. The same goes for an attic.

Safety and Practicality

While your eye may be more drawn to one floor plan over another, be sure to consider how practical that home will be for your lifestyle. If you have children, does the floorplan look safe for them? Does anyone in your immediate family or anyone who visits often have mobility issues? Take this into account and make sure that there are accessible bedrooms and bathrooms for their needs. Ideally, you’ll create a house that’s everything you’ve dreamed of and everything your home needs to be, as well.   

Eastland Construction, Inc. 

At Eastland, we have 20 home models for you to choose from. On top of that, you are able to choose a model and modify aspects of the layout in order to create the perfect home for you and your family. If you prefer the “Waterford A” model but are looking for a larger 2nd bedroom or a smaller garage, we can make the changes to accommodate your wants and needs.  

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