5 Common Custom Home Building Mistakes

5 Common Custom Home Building Mistakes


When you’re ready to start building your custom home in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, it’s easy to make mistakes and execute poor judgment. The excitement of owning a beautiful home can rile up even the most levelheaded homeowners. Instead of ending up with a home you don’t love, avoid these common custom home building mistakes.

Illogical Placement of Rooms

Where you decide to place each room of your home is key to the overall atmosphere and lifestyle you live. Putting your kitchen next to your master bathroom, and the main bedroom all the way across your home is not the smartest decision. Instead, think about your personal lifestyle and you’ll be able to determine where the best placement of each room should be. If you need help with this process, your custom home builder will be able to help you right away.

Layout of Home

Imagine you park your car in the garage and walk through the door into your home. As soon as you enter the home, you see the various bedrooms or main office. That doesn’t seem right, does it? When designing your custom built home, make sure you think about how your home should be laid out. For instance, your master bathroom and master bedroom should be linked together by either a hallway or a single door.

Not Being Involved in the Process

Your new home is exactly that — your custom home. If you are not involved in any of the decisions, aside from signing the check, how can you possibly receive the house you dreamed of? By being involved in every design, layout, and additional decision, you can finish the building project on time and enjoy the house you’ve longed for.

Speeding Up the Process

It takes time to build a gorgeous custom home. When you speed up the process by cutting corners, skipping crucial steps, or other options, you run the risk of moving into a sub-par home. You want your family to be safe and secure in your new home, so be patient and trust your custom home builder.

Sacrificing Quality for Cost

When choosing materials, appliances and other items for your new custom home, never sacrifice quality for a cheaper cost. 20 years from now, would you rather have a broken down house at a minimal cost or a house that stands the test of time for a higher price?

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