Earn Your Green Thumb This Summer!

Earn Your Green Thumb This Summer!


As the summer season kicks into full swing, now is the perfect time to plan out the garden of your dreams. If you have ever been interested in gardening, you are in luck for a few reasons! Middle Tennessee offers a very welcoming climate to a wide variety of gardening options, from ample rainfall to copious amounts of sunshine. The end of May, specifically the 29th and 30th, serves as a great kick-off to the gardening season for another reason, as there are two days devoted to raising awareness and interest in gardening activities.

Learn more about these two days and get inspired to add a garden to your custom home!

May 29th ­– Learn About Composting Day

There is no greater time to learn about the benefits of composting than right at the beginning of summer. It’s not uncommon to have leftover food after gatherings and holiday celebrations, and you might be surprised to find out there is a place for those leftovers to be tossed than the trash can. In a nutshell, composting is allowing uneaten or unused food to decompose and become nutrient rich soil, called compost! The benefits of composting are almost too hard to count, but include

  • Add organic material to the earth
  • Cut down on pest related problems
  • Healthier, more productive plants
  • Save money on fertilizers
  • Reduce the amount of waste in landfills

So join the masses and learn about composting your own unused food this summer!

May 30th – Water a Flower Day

Can you imagine the world without flowers?


Most people, even those that are active gardeners, aren’t fully aware of how much we benefit from flowering plants. However, everyone knows that flowers need water. Water a Flower Day is more than just a reminder to keep your garden watered, it is meant to spark interest in gardening by reminding everyone of how easy it is to maintain a garden! Summer in Middle Tennessee means that sunshine will be in no short supply and the frequent rain means that nature is essentially doing most of the heavy lifting for you, all it takes is the planting and monitoring and the garden of your dreams can be yours!

Is your current home and garden not inspiring a green thumb? Contact Eastland Construction to get started on your custom home and garden of your dreams today!

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