Give Your Custom Rooms a Purpose

When you build a custom home, you can have as many rooms as you need or want. If you don’t think you need a living room, you don’t have to have one. But what makes a room a “living room” or a “bedroom” other than a name? Whatever you decide to put into it. With a custom-built home, you can have whatever rooms you want by deciding their purpose before the room is built and labeled. So what rooms do you want in your home?

Home Gym

One of the top excuses for not going to the gym is not feeling like going. What if you didn’t have to go anywhere other than to another room in your home? Especially now that the cold weather is rolling into Middle Tennessee and the days are getting darker, it can be difficult to get to the gym. Make it easier on yourself by skipping that extra bedroom and creating a gym instead. 

Hobby Room/Office

What do you like to do outside of work? Do you need a sewing room? Dance studio? Or how about just an office for things like design or business work? If you have a room dedicated to what you love to do, you’ll be more likely to spend time doing it. So make that space special.

Game Room

Do you cherish family time or have a lot of kids? A game room could be the perfect addition to your home. You can include classic games like air hockey and a pool table as well as your kids’ favorite gaming systems. In addition to the games, make the room look fun by adding decorations you wouldn’t put in the rest of your home or by giving it a theme like a favorite movie or character. 

Home Theater

One of the best home additions is a home theater. These can be nice for you, your kids, and your friends by letting you experience the theater at home. Plan for the acoustics of a professional sound system and space for the biggest TV you can afford to give you that theater feel. And don’t forget to think about unique theater seating too! Now you can enjoy the atmosphere of a theater without having to pay the high prices for popcorn and a movie. Wait till a movie comes out and make your own popcorn!

These are just four ideas for rooms you could add to your custom home. Whatever purpose you decide to give your rooms, take into consideration what you’ll be doing in there to determine things like the appropriate ceiling height and flooring material. While many purposes can be last minute decisions based on what you actually choose to put into a room, some can have foundational elements that improve your overall experience. When thinking about creating a custom home, consider Eastland Construction to provide exactly what you need.

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