How to Choose the Right Stove for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Stove for Your Home

how to choose between a gas or electric stove for your home

The kitchen of your custom home is one of the rooms you will undoubtedly use the most. What makes a kitchen perfect depends on how you plan on using it. One thing that every kitchen needs is a stove. While there are plenty of options for makes and models of stoves, there are far fewer choices when it comes to a fuel source.

The two methods of powering a stove are electricity and natural gas. Each option has advantages and downsides, which makes the question of “which one is best for you?” a tough one to answer.

Eastland Construction recognizes the benefits of each and will happily work with you to determine which one will best suit you. Contact us today with any questions about which type of stove is best for your custom home.



Instant Heat

When you ignite a burner on a gas-powered stove, you are immediately rewarded with a burning hot flame. There are no questions about it being on or not; you literally see the flame heating up your pot or pan right there in front of you. The flame is easily adjustable and gets to work much faster than an electric heating element.

Better Cooking

The flame of a gas stove is much better for cooking, providing an even and reliable heat source. This is achieved by the flame spreading across the bottom of the pot or pan evenly.

Operating Cost

Gas stoves can potentially save you money each year on energy costs. If your home is already set up for natural gas, you will start seeing the saving immediately. On average, the cost of a unit of gas is 3-4 times cheaper than a unit of electricity.


Installation Price

Gas stoves are generally much more expensive than electric options. If your home is not already set up for natural gas operation, then you will have to pay to have a gas line ran to your kitchen as well.

Hazardous Gas

When a burner on a gas stove is not ignited right away, the gas used for ignition is leaked into your home. Burners that are left on that are not ignited will continuously leak gas into your home. This gas is dangerous to breathe and can be ignited by other sources, resulting in house fires.



Stylish Options

Modern electric stoves are very sleek and feature stylish gas stovetops that look great in a new kitchen. On top of looking great, these glass stovetops are very easy to clean and maintain with fewer parts than a gas burner.

Ease of Use

Electric stoves are very straightforward in operation. The cooking surface is flat and stable, unlike the raised burners on a gas stove. Simply turn the dial to the desired heat setting; no ignition or flame required.

Up Front Cost

When compared to gas stoves, electric stoves are much cheaper to purchase and install. They are also very easy to install and only require electricity, something every home is equipped for.


Cooking Quality

Electric stoves cannot compare to gas stoves when it comes to cooking speed and quality. Heating elements take longer to warm, which in turn takes longer to heat up your pot or pan.

Power Requirement

An electric stove will be completely useless in the event of a power outage whereas gas stoves can still be used. Additionally, electric stoves cost more to power than a gas stove, as they require a large amount of electricity to operate.

Which stove is right for you?

When determining which stove to go with, keep in mind your needs. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and expect high-quality performance, a gas stove might be the best choice. If you don’t really plan on cooking that frequently and are looking for something easier to set up, perhaps an electric stove is the way to go.

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