Impractical Custom Home Designs and Trends to Reconsider

Impractical Custom Home Designs and Trends to Reconsider

While deciding to build a custom home is great, there are certain things that might have a home builder shaking their head. Ultimately the choice is yours, but know that implementing a crazy structural anomaly or a trend that’s fading fast, might lead to some repercussions down the road. Below are a few of the impractical things that have been trending when it comes to custom built homes.

Open Floor Plans Can Be Too Open

Increasing fluidity by making spaces open popularized itself fast and seems to be on its way out just as quickly. The problem seems to be that a home’s floor plans are too open. While it’s nice to have a cohesive space, an open floor plan has the potential to leave you with a lack of privacy and your entire home smelling like the kitchen. Overall it can be noisier and messier than if you put a few more walls into place. That’s not to say that every room needs to be contained in a neat little box, but you may want to reconsider a design that features a kitchen, dining room, living room, office, and more in one large, open space. 

Precarious Staircases 

Unique staircases can make a huge statement but can also be the reason other people won’t be interested in purchasing your home in the future. It’s important that you add stylistic elements with safety in mind… and this isn’t always the case when it comes to creating interest with stairs or other home elements that should be more focused on safety and function. Think about a few things when designing. Would a family with children be able to live in your house safely? Do you want to grow old in the house you’re building? Putting design before safety can take away a home’s value. 

A Modern Exterior Amidst Older Homes 

While the exteriors of homes have been developing over the years, there are times when your home might be too modern for the lot you’ve chosen. While there’s nothing wrong with a modern home, you’ll probably want to take the surrounding neighborhood into consideration before building something that looks completely different than all of the others around it. 

Think to the Future

Since you’re taking the time to have a home built, you’ll most likely want to settle down in it for a long period of time. How will you feel about its layout 5, 10, 20 years down the line? If you ever plan on selling it, would others find it appealing, or will its oddities end up being a turnoff to potential buyers?     

Stuck When It Come to Designing a Home? 

Eastland Construction Inc. can help! If all you’ve come up with so far are some crazy ideas, Eastland Construction can help you develop a floor plan that will be something you’re happy with, while also keeping it practical and making sure it’s a place you can grow with. 

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