Improve Your Home This Year With These 6 Resolutions

Making resolutions for yourself is easy, but keeping them can be hard. However, when it comes to keeping resolutions for your home, it doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Instead, try out these simple resolutions you can stick with all year round to make life a little simpler.

Keep the Dishes Cleaned

We understand that after a long day or cooking a long meal, washing the dishes is not going to be a high priority. However, over time, it can become an issue if they are ignored long enough. If this seems to be a continuous issue, you might want to consider making a resolution to nip the issue in the bud. Make a point to never even let your dishes touch the sink by putting them directly into your dishwasher. Regardless of what may be going on, really try to take the much needed few minutes to wash up your dishes, but don’t do it all by yourself! Have your partner or roommate join in on the resolution so you can knock out the chores in no time. You will be glad you did down the road.

Avoid Those Piles of Clothes

We all have them––that pile of clothes that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. When it’s time to find an outfit for the day, we try various types of clothing items but not all make the cut. Rather than taking the time to put the clothes away, it can be easier and more convenient to dump them on the floor. We promise ourselves we will pick it up later, but that hardly ever happens. Especially once we get tired and busy. Although it is not harmful in the beginning, as the piles grow larger and larger, it can be. If you find yourself having to leap over your clothing frequently, it’s time to kick the bad habit. Make the resolution to keep your clothes on the hanger/in the drawers rather than on the floor. That way you will not only have an easier time finding your clothes, but also be able to keep your clothes clean for longer. And while on the subject of putting clothes on hangers, remember that hangers go in the closet. Not on your doorknob.

Organize Your Closet

Putting your clothes away in your closet will be for nothing if your closet isn’t able to hold clothes. Make the effort to keep your closet spruced up rather than throwing everything and anything inside of it. It’s not good if you have to literally hunt for a certain outfit. Utilize storage boxes and other organizational materials to keep everything from piling on top of the other. Have a designated area for each section of your closet rather than let it be a free-for-all. That way you can find everything much more easily.

Dust More Often

It is a chore that is often overlooked but doesn’t take long to do. You may not realize how important dusting is until it’s too late and you have dust bunnies hopping around. Although bunnies are cute, dust bunnies are not. Avoid running into this issue, and other issues related to dust/filth, by making the commitment to dust more often. Don’t halfway do it either. Go into the nooks and crannies of areas that easily collect dust over time. When getting into the habit of dusting, you won’t have to worry about your favorite object being taken over by filth.

Recycle More Often

If you are looking to make the environment a better place, you can start by recycling more in your home. Simply buy a recycling bin with designated compartments to dispose of your recyclable trash. Let your partner/roommates know about your efforts so that they can help you out as well. A little goes a long way!

Take Action on Home Projects

All throughout the year, people tend to say they’ll take care of this project on the weekend. Then it gets pushed to the next weekend and then to the next month. Before you know it, you have a long list of stuff to do such as painting a room, building a patio, and making small repairs around the home. Rather than let that list keep building, this year, make a game plan to complete each of your procrastinated home projects so you can remove a big burden from your mind.

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