Incorporating Tile Into Your Home In 2015

Incorporating Tile Into Your Home In 2015


When it comes to tile, the first word that always comes to mind is: versatility. Tile can add to the style of any room in the house, and not just as flooring either!

There are so many different materials and types of tile on the market today that it is easier than ever to find imaginative new ways to incorporate tile into your home.

Let’s take a look at the trendiest types of tile in 2015:


Especially popular in both bathrooms and kitchens, glass tile is mostly used as accent tiles. Glass accent tiles work perfectly for shower walls, kitchen backsplashes, and even just accents on any type of flooring. Other popular types of tile, like ceramic or stone, simply can’t offer the unique sparkle and depth that you find in glass tile.

The unique luminescence of glass tile allows it to work beautifully as accent tiles for both kitchens and bathrooms. It can highlight certain fixtures, like a sink or chandelier. Lighting fixtures are especially fun to accent as the light can reflect off the glass tiles creating gorgeous lighting effects.

Glass tiles can be used to cover entire walls as well as accenting specific pieces. When used to cover a bathroom wall, glass tile can provide a relaxing spa-like atmosphere, with soothing sparkles and reflective light effects.

Whether you plan on bringing attention to a feature or blanketing an entire area, glass tile could be the versatile option you need.


Metal tile makes a fantastic accent tile to various metal features commonly found in kitchens. Probably the most popular application of metal tile is the kitchen backsplash, however, it is also a very versatile option. Accenting a stainless steel stove or even framing a hammered-copper vent, the various types and finishes allow metal tiles to be used for all types of projects.

Stainless steel provides a very modern look while bronze and copper offer more traditional and aged looks. Play around with different finishes as well; some metals look better polished while others find their true beauty in a brushed finish.


The most unique feature of porcelain tile is its ability to not look like tile at all. For example, faux hardwood porcelain tile allows you to achieve a bathroom floor that looks just like hardwood, but stands up better to the moist environment.

It even comes in planks, meaning even the keenest observer will have difficulty identifying it as tile. Porcelain’s natural resistance to moisture damage makes it a great choice for the kitchen as well, which can also generate its own fair share of wetness in the air.

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