Is an Open Floor Plan Right for Your Custom Home?

Is an Open Floor Plan Right for Your Custom Home?


When planning your custom built home, your floor plan is the most important decision you will make. Not only will the chosen floor plan be the backbone of the entire home, but it will also dictate the atmosphere. Many homeowners elect for an open floor plan. Is this type of floor plan ideal for you and your family?

The Benefits of an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are popular for a reason — they provide homeowners with a multitude of benefits!

Many homeowners choose open floor plans due to the increased natural light. With the opportunity for massive windows and other lighting possibilities, the lack of interior walls will enhance the lighting in your entire home.

For families, open floor plans are a great way to keep an eye on the kids and their friends! Kids have a bunch of energy and love to run around. Open floor plans are great for families who have guests over often.

Of course, open floor plans also provide homeowners with the opportunity for endless interior design possibilities. From furniture arrangements to eclectic interior design trends, there is so much potential for your open floor plan.  

The Downsides to Open Floor Plans

While open floor plans do provide quite a bit of benefits, they do have a few disadvantages.

First, you’ll have less privacy with an open floor plan. If you are not naturally a social butterfly, you might not enjoy an open custom home. Those who like to escape to read a book or watch a TV show alone will not find an open floor plan to their liking.

Open floor plans also increase the possibility of complicated cleaning. With a closed floor plan, the messes are a little more organized and contained. Open floor plans lead to missed messes and more opportunities for messes to occur.

What floor plan type suits your lifestyle?

No matter which type of floor plan you prefer, Eastland Construction in Mt. Juliet, TN has a custom floor plan and home for you. Contact us today by calling 615-754-2128.    

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