Lebanon, Tennessee – Middle Tennessee’s Historic City

Lebanon, Tennessee – Middle Tennessee’s Historic City

Lebanon, Tennessee – Middle Tennessee’s Historic City
Serving as the county seat of Wilson County, beautiful Lebanon, Tennessee is centrally located just 25 miles east of downtown Nashville. With recent growth showing no signs of slowing, Lebanon might be the perfect place for your next custom home!

Storied History

Incorporated in 1801, Lebanon is the 16th oldest city in Tennessee. Quickly earning a reputation as one of the most beautiful “country towns” in the region, Lebanon was named after the biblical land of the cedars due to the abundance of red cedars in the area.

Serving as a hub for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War, thousands of Confederate soldiers passed through Lebanon during the turbulent time. A short but fierce battle was fought on the town square on May 5, 1862, when Federal troops ambushed a battalion of Confederate soldiers that were forced to escape to the east.

Prominent Education

Located in Lebanon, Cumberland University was founded in 1842 by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and remains in operation today.

Over the years, Cumberland University has produced over 80 Congressional representatives and Senators!

As well as numerous State leaders, Cumberland College is also the alma mater of Noble Peace Prize recipient Cordell Hull, who served as Secretary of State from 1933 to 1944. Hull was awarded the prestigious honor for his work in trade agreements and helping establish the United Nations.

Industry Hub

One of the most recognizable names in the restaurant industry, Cracker Barrel, was founded in Lebanon and still hosts their corporate headquarters. Started by Dan Evins in 1969, Cracker Barrel now has 630 locations across the US!

Movie City

Lebanon has a bit of a past with the big screen, serving as the setting for the second half of Tennessee-native Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. Although it wasn’t filmed in Lebanon, numerous references are made to the city throughout the final act of the film.

2014’s The Identical starring Seth Green and Ashley Judd was filmed on-site in Lebanon, and also featured supporting roles by Ray Liotta and Joe Pantoliano. It debuted at the Nashville Film Festival in 2014.

Some of the biggest names in music have chosen to shoot music videos in Lebanon, such as:

  • Taylor Swift – She shot scenes for her hit song “Love Story” at Cumberland University.
  • Keith Urban – The music video for “Sweet Thing” was shot in various locations around the city.
  • Miranda Lambert – The country superstar chose Lebanon for the backdrop of the music video for “Famous In a Small Town.”
  • Kid Rock – The Snow White Drive-In Diner served as the location for his song “First Kiss.”

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