Reasons Your New Home Should Include a Porch, Deck, or Patio

Reasons Your New Home Should Include a Porch, Deck, or Patio

If you love fresh air and relaxing outside, why not include a place to do this when you start designing a custom built home? 

Whether you decide on a porch, deck, or patio, they all have their benefits and will add curb appeal to your home. Below are some of the reasons you might choose one over another in your design. Maybe you’ll even decide to add two of these features, just because you can. 


Porches are characterized by being at the main entrance of a home (although back porches are popular as well). They are covered by an overhanging roof and are at level with the home’s first floor. Some have railings while others just have pillars — it all depends on the style of the home. The material used can range from masonry to wood. Typically wider than they are deep, they provide a nice, relaxing place for people to spend time. Some benefits to the porch are listed below.

  • A front porch will create a welcoming feel to your custom built home.
  • You can add a ceiling fan, porch swing, and more — furnishings that aren’t a part of the typical patio or deck (side note, you can feature a swing in these other areas, but it would have to be freestanding). 
  • You can have a screened-in porch to keep bugs and pests away. This allows you to enjoy more time outside, free from getting bit and bothered, making for an even more relaxing experience. 


Decks are built out of wood and are typically put in place in order for a homeowner to enjoy a view. Because of this, most are built up high and require a surrounding railing because of their distance from the ground. In some cases, decks can be low to the ground and open. Benefits to a deck include:

  • How spacious they are. They can typically hold more furniture than a porch, making many decks ideal for a table and chair.   
  • The views they provide. If you build your home in a scenic area, a deck will be a part of your home that you’ll enjoy quite a bit. 
  • You can shape its purpose. Use your deck as an outdoor living room or a place to have meals.


Patios are generally made from stone, tiles, gravel, and the like. They are built at ground level and can be attached or separate from one’s home. They’re a less expensive home addition that looks just as lovely as a porch or deck. 

  • Patios are easier to maintain than decks, which require annual sealants.
  • A patio can be built to most any size. 
  • They look wonderful, decorated with plants and an array of different furniture styles. 
  • You can add a free standing swing, firepit, pergola, and more to your patio.   
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