The Top 5 Ways to Settle Into a New Custom Home

Getting a new home is an extremely exciting time, and although you might be ready for this kind of change, it could take awhile for a new home to actually feel like home. Once your custom built home is complete, you’ll probably want to get settled in and start making it feel like your own. There are a few things you should do before moving in, as well as some others that will help make the transition smooth. Below are five ways you can get situated into your new custom built home.

Hire an Inspector

Before you plan to move your furniture into a new space, you’ll want to make sure that everything is structurally up to code and safe to live in. Since you’ll be in a newly constructed building, there may be room for improvement (although as builders we do our very best to avoid structural oversights). A professional inspector will make their way throughout your new home so you can have peace of mind that everything’s well constructed and ready for you and your belongings.

Get Rid of the Old

Once the inspection is complete and your new home is ready to be moved into, think about what you actually want to bring with you. Have you been meaning to get rid of some items that are no longer being used? Why wait any longer to get rid of them? Being selective about what you bring into your new home will ultimately make your move much easier.

Upgrade Your Furniture

With a new home comes new beginnings. Perhaps you have much more space with your new custom built home than you’ve ever had before. Maybe the furniture that looked great in your old space doesn’t really work in this new home. Plus, if you followed the helpful tip above, you might need to replace some key pieces of furniture that were in need of an update anyways. Explore your new home and fill it with furniture that matches your unique style.

Get Involved in the Community

A new home often means that you’ll be in a new location. Along with this change comes new neighbors, different community events and activities, and if you have children, the possibility of different schools. Getting acquainted with everything that’s new can take a bit of time, but these opportunities to become involved in new things can definitely help you become acquainted and make you feel more “at home.”

Allow Yourself Time to Adjust

As with anything new, it may take some time to adjust to your new custom built home. Just because it was constructed with your lifestyle in mind doesn’t mean you’ll immediately feel at home. You’ll have to make it a home, but our construction can make that a bit easier.

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