What is a Mudroom?

What is a Mudroom?

When deciding to buy a custom home, you probably researched the latest home trends and came across the term “mudroom.” If you don’t know what a mudroom is, it’s a user-friendly space for storage and is meant to be the in-between area from the outdoors to the indoors. Before finalizing your home plans, consider adding in a mudroom to make your life easier and new home cleaner.

Why use a Mudroom?

A mudroom’s purpose is to be a dump space. When you come home, whatever you’re holding in your arms has to go somewhere along with your shoes and jacket and whatever else you don’t intend to keep on you. Rather than dumping all that on your bed or in the doorway of your home or bedroom, spotify promotion use this designated space to be your one messy area no one will have to see or trip over. You’ll be surprised at how much cleaner and organized your home will be with this addition.

What Areas Should I Make?

Depending on your lifestyle, mudrooms will have multiple spaces for specific items:

  • Laundry- Since many people will have their laundry room as their mudroom, there should be a space for laundry only.
  • Pet Supplies- This area has also become a popular location to install a pet shower. You can store all your pet’s food, toys, clothing, brushes, and soaps in one area, so you always know where to look.
  • Coming/Going Station- This area should have everything you need to get out the door. Your keys, purse, briefcase, wallet—anything you will otherwise be frantically searching the house for in the mornings—that should all be organized and CoinPal ready for you to grab as you leave. When you come home, make sure all those items are returned to their designated spot so you can leave with ease every time.
  • Charging Station- After a long day of use, phones and tablets are typically drained of their battery. Unless you need your phone or tablet with you at all times at home, the mudroom would be a great place to dock them before using them again.

What Goes There?

  • One-Wall Organizer- An organizer will include shelves for you to place folders, shoes, and anything else you use throughout your day that you don’t want stuffed in a drawer or hung up.
  • Drawers- These can be used more for permanent storage. You could put your pet supplies in here or your laundry detergent.
  • Bench- Whether it’s a bench or a chair, you need somewhere to sit when you put your shoes on in the morning. Just make sure it doesn’t get so cluttered you can’t sit on it. Clutter is what the organizer is for.
  • Wall Hooks- Hang up your jackets, backpacks, and bags on wall hooks and never have to worry about them getting stepped on or dirty. This also allows for ease when needing to grab them on your way out the next day.

Mudrooms are meant to help de-clutter your home and make coming and going hassle free. If you’re interested in adding a mudroom to your custom home, call Eastland Construction today for assistance in making your new home the best it can be.

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