What To Do When Your AC Stops Working

It’s a nightmare scenario waiting to happen:

You’ve just collapsed onto the couch after a long day of yard work in the sweltering heat. Once you catch your breath, you get the feeling that something is missing, but you’re not quite sure what it is. All of a sudden, your breath escapes you again as you realize the all-too-familiar buzz of the air conditioning system is absent, and further investigation shows that it is totally inoperable.

Regardless of the cause, a broken air conditioning system in the dead of summer can turn your beautiful custom home into a rather unpleasant place. While serious malfunctions will require the trained hands of a trained technician, there are some steps you should take before contacting a local HVAC professional.

What to Do Next

1.     If your thermostat is not set to “Auto” try switching it over and see if you system turns on.

2.     Make sure your thermostat is loaded with fresh batteries, as a low or dead batteries could prevent the system from running.

3.     Confirm that your circuit breaker hasn’t been switched.

4.     Inspect your air conditioner’s filter and replace it if it is too dirty, as a clogged up filter can cause the system to overexert and fail.

5.     Take note of some specifics involving your system, such as if it is totally shut off, making unusual sounds or just blowing warm air instead of cool. These are good to know if you have to describe your dilemma to a technician over the phone.

6.     If you decide professional services are required, take action quickly and set up an inspection with a local HVAC professional.

Now What?

There are some things you can do to to try to beat the heat while you wait for a service professional to arrive, such as:

1.     Make sure all blinds and curtains are closed.

2.     Turn off any unnecessary lights.

3.     Though they don’t affect the temperature, ceiling fans can circulate the air in the room and create a breeze in the room.

4.     Avoid using any appliances that put off heat, such as a stoves or dryers, while you wait for the technician to arrive.

You never really know when your air conditioning system will fail on you, so it’s best to be prepared by knowing what to look for in the event of a breakdown. To ensure your custom home is always cool, make sure you have a trusted and local air conditioning repair company at the ready in times of crisis.

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