Why You Should Choose Functional Appliances Over Trendy Ones

Why You Should Choose Functional Appliances Over Trendy Ones

When it comes to having a custom built home, you should choose functional appliances over trendy ones, plain and simple. We know those colored kitchen furnishings are cool, that eccentric range hood would look amazing, and the touch controls on that stove top are beyond what seemed possible for a stove, but there are also many reasons to stick to the traditional appliances that have been tried and true for years. Although we think trends are cool, below are a few reasons to stick with what you know when it comes to home appliances. 

With Trends, You May Tire From the Look 

When you go trendy in terms of design, you run a higher risk of not liking the look of something later down the line, whether that be in a few years… or tomorrow. You may be left wishing you didn’t go through with the purchase that gives your kitchen or another room a look that’s out of the ordinary. Additionally, appliances are an investment. They’re not something you’ll want to replace if you don’t like the way they look in a few years — for many, a replacement might not even be feasible. Be sure you’re ready to commit to the look of an appliance, especially if you do decide to follow the trends and go unique.  

What Happens When Technology Trends Break Down 

If you have an appliance that’s using a new technology or connected and working through Bluetooth, what happens when something malfunctions? Sure, you could try calling the manufacturer… but this may be all you can do. If you purchase an appliance that works differently than the ones people typically have in their homes, your go-to team of repair people might not be able to help. They may not be familiar with the way these new appliances function, and even if they did, they might not have access to the parts they would require for their repair. 

You Can Be Trendy in Other Ways

While we recommend you stick to traditional looking and functioning appliances, you can definitely incorporate trends into your home in other ways. If you want to include a unique color or an interesting design element, there are so many things you can do to accent traditional home appliances. Incorporating trends in this way can be less expensive, and the look of a room can be easily modified should your style preferences change.

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