6 Things to Do After Moving Into Your Middle Tennessee Custom Home

blog image of couple moving into a home; blog title: 6 Things to Do After Moving Into Your Middle Tennessee Custom Home

There are boxes everywhere and your excitement level is off the charts. Congrats! You’ve moved into your new custom home. You might be wondering what comes next. What are the steps you need to take now? Here are 6 suggestions to help you get started.

Personalize Your New Home

Your custom home was already built using your preferences, and now it’s time to complete that vision. Make your space your own and you’ll feel at home in no time. Perhaps you’re bringing all of the furniture from your previous home or purchasing new furnishings to fit your new space. Something simple you can do to make your new house a home is to personalize the front door or mailbox with a sign, wreath or other decor that represents you.

Double Check Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

As you are unpacking your belongings, make a comprehensive list of all your valuables to show to your homeowners insurance provider. You want to make sure you have the limits you need for everything you own, so that your possessions will be covered in the event of an accident. There may also be additional coverages you should add to your policy, so be sure to discuss all your options with your insurer.

Make Copies of Closing Documents and Store Them in a Safe Place

This is one of the first things you should do. You may never know when you might need to access your closing documents in the future. Store one copy at home, preferably in a fireproof safe, and keep another stored safely off site or in a secure place online.

Notify Important People or Institutions About Your Move

These can include the United States Postal Service, your employers, your children’s schools, financial institutions, insurance companies, utility companies such as phone and internet, your doctors offices, and any magazine, newspaper, or mail subscriptions you may have.

Create a Maintenance Plan

If you get on top of this now, you’ll thank yourself later. Whether you want to use a paper calendar, digital calendar, or create a spreadsheet on your computer is up to you. Simply sit down and plan out the dates to remind yourself to perform maintenance tasks like changing your air filters or to set up things like an HVAC inspection. When your life starts getting busy, it will be so helpful to have all of your maintenance tasks already mapped out for the year.

Meet Your Neighbors

This is the fun part! You chose a great home in a great neighborhood, now it’s time to see what all the families on the street are like. Whether you throw a housewarming party and invite the entire block or do the classic bake something and knock on doors, your new neighbors are sure to give you a warm welcome home. And with a custom home in one of Eastland Construction’s fantastic communities, you will have wonderful neighbors!

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